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Yum: Moustache Salt and Pepper Shakers

Moustache Salt and Pepper

Moustache Salt and Pepper

Moustache Salt and Pepper sideview

Check out the crafty ‘n clever Paperdoll Woodshop on Etsy.
(via Coudal via Design Milk)

Lego Minifig Salt and Pepper Shaker
Lego Minifig Salt and Pepper Shakers on Amazon.

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Rock: Guitar Spatula and 45 Trivets From Gama-Go
Ukelele: Moustaches of the World


Awesome: “8-Bit Trip” Stop Motion Lego Video

Over 1500 hours of video and photography went into this music video for rockin’ Swedish duo, Rymdreglage. Not sure how many Lego pieces. Either way, this is fantastically impressive.

Be sure to check out the band’s site. They’ve got lots of MP3s to download and some seriously oddball eye-candy. (via Laughing Squid)


8-Bit: Tom & Jerry Nintendo Style
Brick: Lego Foosball Table 
Augmented Reality: Lego In-Store “Digital Box”
Music: Weezer, The 8-Bit Covers
MP3: Super Mario Covered By Grupo Falso Baiano
Anamanaguchi Makes Music From Hacked NES


Augmented Reality: Lego In-Store “Digital Box”

Think parents will be able to pry the box from kids’ hands after they see it come to life like this? Pretty damn smart. Full story at JustOOH (via Metaio)

AR: “Seer” Wimbledon Android App by Ogilvy/IBM
AR: Tube Station Finder App for iPhone 3Gs
AR: McCann’s Pencil for One Show Interactive
AR: Living Sasquatch
AR: Geek Out With The Umlaut


Star Wars: In Concert “Stay On Key! … Stay On Key!!!”


Does Star Wars meets Pink Floyd Laserium meets a pre-talkies movie experience sound good? Damn right it does.

Star Wars: In Concert combines a live symphony and chorus with specially-edited video montages from all six films, and some bitchin’ lighting for a serious evening of SW geekery. Tickets go on sale August 1 for Sacramento, San Jose, LA, and beyond.

The gang at Mekanism just launched the website with an interface based on the galactic-sized LED screen from the event. (Nice work, Paulo)

BONUS: Darth Symphony

A ‘lil something to get you in the mood from Lego Star Wars.


Lego: New Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Line


The first two sets in the series will be the Guggenheim and Fallingwater. Keep your eyes on Lego Architecture coming soon. (via PrairieMod)



Click to buy the John Hancock or Sears Tower Lego sets.
(Hey, Collectors–Snag the Sears set before they rename the tower “Willis Tower“!)

Lego Star Wars Minifig Poster
Lego Rock Band Coming Holiday ’09


Lego: Star Wars Minifig Poster


This poster commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Lego Star Wars. Sweeeet.

Download the Death Star sized 6866 x 9000 version on Flickr.

UPDATE: Hope you already saved the jpg ‘cuz it’s no longer available. The real thing came with purchase of the Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon.

LEGO: New Short Film “The Brick Thief”
Brickgasm: LEGOLAND Announces STAR WARS Miniland
Tiny Tattoo: LEGO Minifigs x Pilot Pen


Play: Lego Rock Band Coming Holiday ’09

Is that a Lego Jack White? Will there be a Lego Lars Umlaut?

We do know there’ll be kid-friendly tunes like Blur’s “Song 2″ and the Carl Douglas classic “Kung Fu Fighting” (not the one covered by Cee-Lo for Kung Fu Panda … Thank the ‘Lo).  Full story here.


InfoGraphics: Periodic Tables of Schtüff

Updated 08.15.10 The Periodic Table of Swearing
It’s from the UK so you’ll need a metric/swearing converter.

See it large. (via Kottke)

• •   • •

Added 05.26.10 The Periodic Elements of a Super-Hero
See it large. (Thanks, Phridaze)

• •   • •

Added 05.25.10 –> The Periodic Table of Controllers (Thanks, Fang)

• •   • •

Geek out on more Periodic Tables of Schtüff collected since March of 2009 …

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