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Geography Fail: Alaska via Petaluma

[Insert Sarah Palin joke here]

Spotted this on the blacktop of my kid’s elementary school. Damned CA public school system.

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Fail: Vintage CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures
Petaluma: Hacked Road Sign Warns of Douche


Gallery: Petaluma Rivertown Revival

For the 1st annual Petaluma Rivertown Revival festival at Steamer Landing Park there was a loose river monster (which was later caught … see below), viking ships, SRL robots, Lagunitas, deep-fried pickles, and killer handmade crafts. If you missed it, you really missed out. One more reason to love this crazy-ass town.

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July 24: SRL Robots Coming to Petaluma Rivertown Revival!!!

This’ll be Survival Research Labs‘ first show since moving from their 25 yr home of San Francisco to Petaluma.

Mark Pauline and crew will be showing off two robots—Running Machine and Big Arm—along with “special props”. Do not miss what is already going to be a craz-fun time for peeps, geeks, and families alike.

More info at SRL and The Rivertown Revival.

SATURDAY, JULY 24 ~ 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Steamer Landing Park, Petaluma

Look for Blue Ribbon Salvage, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and even peeps from The Handcar Regatta.

The fest goes on all afternoon, with events on water and several stages on land. Check the full schedule.

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1977: Incredible Hulk “Fun Poncho” is Retarded

Flame retarded, that is. See what I did there?

Saw this vintage Ben Cooper (aka Smock ‘n Mask) Halloween costume at the Petaluma Art & Garden Festival this weekend. No you wouldn’t garden in it. And only if you were me would you call it art and hang it on your wall. But somewhere along the lines the fest has become more about antiques and less about arty gardeny schtuff. And for this I am thankful.

Dig the green Hulk-brow mask below.   See the rest »


Tonight: Frank Black / Black Francis at the Mystic Petaluma

Here’s an old acoustic number Frank Black did with Glen Hansard of The Frames. And a new one off his latest LP, NonStopErotik. There’s still tix for tonight’s show in Petaluma. C’mon up!

Frank Black & Glen Hansard “The Aul’ Triangle”
from TodayFM Session 7.15.03

Black Francis “Dead Man’s Curve” from NonStopErotik

• •   • •

Show Report: Devendra Banhart at the Mystic Theatre, Petaluma 04.17.09
Rock Art: Ricky Watts Poster for Sean Hayes / Arann Harris
MP3: Friday Five 04.02.10
MP3: O’Bligatory St. Paddy’s McMix Redüx


July 4th: Declare Your Independence From Shaving

I just shaved for the last time. Well, ’til after October 9th. What about you?

The annual Bill Soberanes Memorial Petaluma Whiskerino is coming …

More info and new site coming soon. Don’t miss an update:

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And don’t miss the Petaluma Farmers’ Market!

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Y’arr: You Going to the Pirate Festival?

NEXT WEEKEND / JUNE 19th & 20th (IT’S FREE!!!)
If you are anywhere near the San Francisco Yay Area do not miss the Northern California Pirate Festival. We’ve gone all three years and have always had a blast. They turn the Vallejo waterfront into a whole pirate village with plenty of eye candy (see above), games for kids, bands, Lagunitas beer, and food. So awesome. More info.

Go drink some Pirate Beer and crank this up:

Dropkick Murphys “Shipping Up to Boston”

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Seek Out: Wild Flour Bread Bakery in Freestone

Sweet fancy Moses … this little bakery is so worth the drive from SF. Hell, it’s worth the drive from Chicago.

The sticky buns are what hooked us the first time we stumbled across Wild Flour Bread Bakery. The rest of their brick oven creations are what brought us back.

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Beer: Pics from Lagunitas Beer Circus 2010

Molotov shows how to clear your palate before tasting beers at the one-of-a-kind Lagunitas Beer Circus in Petaluma.

Mel shows there’s a fine line between a furry panda and a panda furry.

These clowns will kick your ass if you don’t look at more pics …  See the rest »


Tech: Petaluma One Step Closer to Feel-Around Theater

No, I’m not referring to another rash of massage parlors. Petaluma’s Boulevard Cinema will be only one of 27 movie houses to get these special D-BOX motion FX seats. (pic via OhGizmo)

“…You can sit in this chair, and as you’re watching the movie, the chair will move to left or the right or vibrate, so it makes the moviegoing experience 4-D instead of 3-D”

Almost like this classic bit from Kentucky Fried Movie:

The price for this extra-sensory experience?

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Sneak Peek: The Petaluma River Monster, Opens Friday at Heebe Jeebe!

What a great way to kick off Petaluma’s Butter and Egg Days festivites—an art show that invites people to interpret what the (now)famed river monster looks like. The Petaluma River Monster Project opens 4.22 and it’s just part of the Petaluma River Revival & Art Boat Festival that’s coming in June. Stay tuned.

When Mel and the boys entered their pieces they brought the camera. Here’s a sneak peek of just a clawful of creative monsters from this fantastic show …

Karen and Scott Hess entry offers photographic proof!

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Rock Art: Ricky Watts Poster for Sean Hayes / Arann Harris

This drawing was inspired by musician Arann Harris of The Green String Farm Band. He came up with the concept and I brought the idea to life. It is a futuristic interpretation of a growth hormone experiment gone bad on the downtown streets (of my hometown) of Petaluma, California, once known as the “Chicken Capital of the World“.”

Limited run of 50 prints. More info / purchase »

Vote for it in the Paul Frank Art Attack Contest »

If you haven’t seen a show at the Mystic, here’s a terrific opportunity. Grab tickets now. It’s ALL AGES.

Hear Sean Hayes »  Arann Harris & The Green String Farm Band »

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