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TRON: New Clip “Quorra Saves Sam,” Daft Punk “Derezzed” Music Video and NTEIBINT Remix

New clip just released featuring Quorra (Olivia Wilde) at the helm of a double-seater light car. Suh-weet.

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Here’s the official music video off Daft Punk‘s original Tron Legacy Soundtrack.

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Sure, it’s no TRON x Michael Jackson remix, but this re-edit/remix by NTEIBINT does a nice job of giving us one more reason to watch this same, awesome footage. December’s oh-so-close.

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Geek Out: ASCII Easter Egg on Tron Soundtrack Site
Look: New Tron Legacy Trailer, New Daft Punk Remix by Shiryu
Tron: “Light Drive” Stop Motion Record Player Laser Light Show
Mashup: Tron 2 Trailer x Michael Jackson Beat It “tr2nit”
Remix: Kanye Tweets as New Yorker Cartoons
Tron: New Poster Cool in Japanese, Cooler with Umlauts


MP3: Friday Five 09.10.10 The Intelligence, Big Troubles, Young Empires, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros RAC Remix, and Belle & Sebastian Avalanches Remix

Enjoy thoroughly.

The Intelligence “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like”
from Males

Big Troubles “Freudian Slips” from Worry

Young Empires “White Doves” (Demo)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “Janglin” (RAC Remix)

Belle & Sebastian “I’m A Cuckoo” (Avalanches Remix)

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Remix: Kanye Tweets as New Yorker Cartoons

Much like the existential effect Garfield remixes had, Kanye West tweets done as New Yorker Cartoons are bizarro improvements. The difference is Garfield cartoons are funny to begin with. Kanye tweets are like Garfield The Movie. Sorry, Bill Murray.

Thanks, MattO!

More at #kanyenewyorkertweets.

Tweet: 50 Cent in Queen’s English
MP3: Built to Spill remixed as 80s 12″ / The Electronic Anthology Project
Twitter: Lou Barlow Is Staying on Top of the Ümlaut
Garfield: Missing, Lost In Translation
Classic Toons: Tex Avery’s Car Of Tomorrow & Farm Of Tomorrow
8-Bit: Tom & Jerry Nintendo Style


MP3: Friday Five 07.30.10 Kid Cudi x Best Coast x Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, Built to Spill remixed as The Electronic Anthology Project, Dept. of Eagles, live Arcade Fire, and Bowerbirds

This week’s Friday Five comes to you from sunny LA. Enjoy thoroughly.

“All Summer” Kid Cudi x Best Coast x Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij from Converse

The Electronic Anthology Project (Built to Spill) “Eels” (Else remix) from s/t [order here]

Department of Eagles “While We’re Young” from Archives 2003-2006

Arcade Fire “No Cars Go” (live) from Impossible Music Fest 2010

Bowerbirds “Northern Lights” from Upper Air

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Tripping Balls: Crazy Double Rainbow Guy Autotuned and ICP Theory

My theory on the Crazy Double Rainbow Guy? (see vid below) It’s the dude from ICP.

Exhibit A — ICP Guy:
Fuckin magnets, how do they work? … Fucking rainbows … there’s enough miracles here to blow your brains”

Exhibit B — Double Rainbow Guy:
“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s magical! … What does it mean?!”

I rest my case.

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Just after Wardinger (he likes rainbows) sent me the original vid, I stumble across this See the rest »


MP3: Friday Five 06.04.10 Calexico covers Arcade Fire, School of Seven Bells Remix, Fanfarlo on Twilight Soundtrack, She & Him, and I’m not a Band

A bunch of new tunes and an old cover by Calexico that’ll hopefully tide you over ’til more new Arcade Fire. Enjoy!

I’m not a Band “I’m not a Band” from self released

School of Seven Bells “Windstorm” (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix) from Windstorm Single

Calexico “Ocean of Noise” (Arcade Fire)
from Intervention 7”

Fanfarlo “Atlas” from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse OST

She & Him “Fools Rush In” (Johnny Mercer / Rube Bloom)
from Levis Pioneer Sessions 2010

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Geek Out: Clever Hack Makes Any Song Swing

This hack is simply brilliant: The Swinger. It takes a song and time-stretches the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half.

Take a listen:

Sweet Child O Mine (The Swinger Version)

Every Breath You Take (The Swinger Version)

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Tristan Jehan created this at Music Hack Day San Francisco and is now my hero.

Source code, more info, and more tunes put through The Swinger at The Music Machinery. (Thanks, Mike)

Hacked Road Sign Warns of Douche
Hack: Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody On Old School Computer Gear
Vid Remix: Smooth Jazz Metallica, Death Metal Louis Armstrong, and Creed Shreds
MP3: Rock Out With The Umlaut


W-w-watch: Drunk Guy Putting on Flip-Flop at Coachella

So pathetic, it’s impressive. Someone needs to do a Techno Viking remix of this. Pronto. (Thanks, Mel)


Hang in there. Especially if you’ve seen the original vid. This Tragedy Remix Requiem soundtrack is seriously brilliant. I’m sure Jeff Goldblum would attest.

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Video: Octopus Steals Camera/Speargun, plus Seal vs. Shark Naked Gun Remix

Remember that vid of the octopus squeezing through a 1″ hole? I think it pissed off the entire octopus community. Watch this octopus snatch a guy’s camera and then his speargun. Watch out.


Seal strikes back! Watch Seal vs. Octopus, The Naked Gun Remix.

Video: Octopus Squeezes Through 1″ Hole
Whoa: Herve Diebolt’s Octopusian ‘Stache One of Yahoo!’s Most Emailed
Video: Creepy Raccoon Hand
Video: Death Metal Roostër


MP3: Friday Five 04.02.10

What the Ümlaut’s got on repeat this week:

Richard Buckner‘s acoustic take on Town that practically broke my heart. The new Frank Black, er, Black Francis searing, road-worthy tune I’d love to crank somewhere between SF and LA. And back. Will Oldham, er, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy gone house-tastic on Hot Chip‘s I Feel Better. Plus, the damn Star Wars / Jay-Z parody I cannot get out of my head. So now I’ll get it stuck in yours. Enjoy.

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Richard Buckner “Town” (Acoustic) from Daytrotter Session 03.22.10

Will Oldham “Dreaming My Dreams” (The Cranberries)
from I Am Drinking Again 7″

Black Francis “Dead Man’s Curve” from NonStopErotik

Papercuts “Future Primitive” from You Can Have What You Want

Hot Chip “I Feel Bonnie (House Remix)”
Remixed w/Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Will Oldham vocals

Darth Vader Jay-Z “Galactic Empire State of Mind”
from College Humor Watch the video »

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Vid Remix: Sabotage Galactica

Impressive side-by-side view of Beastie Boys Sabotage x Battlestar Galactica remix.

See the original Galactica version by katamaran78.

Trailer Remix: Dist’rbing Strokes & More
TV Remix: Magnum Solo P.I.
Video: Star Wars Remixed As Opening of Dallas
Bombshell: Princess June from Battle Of The Planets


Look: New Tron Legacy Trailer, New Daft Punk Remix by Shiryu

Click to watch the new Tron Legacy trailer. More plot and less bikes. But the FX on the final bike scene / smash more than make up for it. Flynn Lives!


Shiryu is working on a Tron Tribute LP and is almost complete.

Download the track and album here »

Hear the original Daft Punk Tron Legacy track at Copymatt »

Mashup: Tron 2 Trailer x Michael Jackson Beat It “tr2nit”
MP3: Friday Five 04.09.10


Remix: Radiohead x Jay Leno TV Spot

As I’ve posted before, it’s amazing what a diff’rent soundtrack can do. Someone found the perfect track to lay over Jay Leno’s Olympic spot. (via AgencySpy)

As for Conan O’Brien, he’s planning on taking his show on the road. Live Coco!

Stellastarr* “My Coco” from Fool Out Of Cancer

Trailer Remix: Dist’rbing Strokes & More
Remix: DJ Steve Porter Mashes Henry Rollins and The Techno Viking
TV: Conan O’Brien Needs A New Avatar
Beer: Goose Island In Bombers, Tribute To Conan O’Brien


Every Everything: Every Star Wars Lightsaber Boost, Knight Rider Turbo Boost, N.W.A. Explicit Lyric, Simpsons Couch Gag, …

Every Star Wars Lightsaber ignition and retraction. (via LaughingSquid)

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Every turbo boost in Knight Rider. Ever.
Catch the Höff “stop short” at 3:25!  (via Jalopnik)

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