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Video: Petaluma Pete Does Whiskerino 2009

For kids only!” has been the mantra for all Kids Korner videos. This one’s pretty darn fantastic for adults, too. Well done, Pete!

More Petaluma Pete Kids Korner videos here.

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Whiskerino: Postcard Peeps at the Great Handcar Regatta 2009
2008 Petaluma Whiskerino Video from Press Democrat
Video: Word On The Street? “Moustache”


Spotted: Moustache Handles at Fox Theater in Oakland

Fox Theater Moustache Handles

Spotted these handlebar door handles at last night’s Bon Iver show at the Fox. I know I’ve got Whiskerino on the membrane, but these were just too rad not to share.

Bon Iver on the Fox Theater Marquee


Play: Name That Beard

Play Name That Beard

Good luck getting many right. And better luck not getting this tune stuck in your head, “Name that beard! … Name that beard!! … Can you name that beeeeeard?

This game is an oldie but a goodie. As we approach Petaluma Whiskerino, you’re gonna see more hairy posts like this.

Play Name That Beard »


Project: 3,000 Toothpicks In Some Dude’s Beard

Someone had filmed a toothpicks-in-my-beard project using 2,000 of ‘em. This guy saw it. And set out to one-thousand-up him.

Did he stick it? Cut to a about 0:59 and see.
“Project: Toothpicks in my Beard


iPhone: “uArt” Facial Hair App From Gillette


This is fine as a fun, free little app. As a Gillette-branded app, however, I had higher hopes. I should be able to shave that shiz like Prince. Instead, I’m stickin’ and jabbin’ like some fencer. Or my childhood, drunk barber. In the end, my crappily-manicured beard was actually funnier than what I originally tried for: lightening bolt ‘stache. Will just have to grow the real deal.

Try it yourself from the iTunes App Store. (via DirectDaily)