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Firelit Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur: Batch 2 News and Batch 1 Inspected by Violet Blue

A random yet SFW gallery of Violet Blue and pussycat dotKitteh inspecting the first batch of Firelit Spirits Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur. Detecting a blue theme here. (Thanks, Troy McClure)


If you can find any Firelit on shelves grab yourself  a bottle—that’s the last of Batch 1. Turned out to be one of St. George Spirts’ fastest selling spirit. Batch 2 will again be made with fresh Blue Bottle Coffee but this time with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans instead of Yemen. I’d love to do a vertical tasting between the two. If it wasn’t so preciously rare. Look for it around the Bay in two weeks. Then start hoarding.

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