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Yum: Glazed & Amazed on the ampm Secret Menu

‘Glazed & Amazed’

Yes, it’s real. And it’s spectacular. You take an ampm Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant and switch out the croissant with glazed doughnuts. It’s all part of the new Secret Menu campaign our team at Ogilvy just launched. Pretty much a big invitation to come up with your own creations and try something new. Go nuts.

‘Glazed & Amazed’ on Vimeo.

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ampm Secret Menu ‘Dough Ray Moo’

‘Dough Ray Moo’

The double-cheeseburger cousin of ‘Glazed & Amazed’.

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‘Towering Inferno’

Can you beat it?

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    you guys ROCK!

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