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Now Bottling: Batch 04 of Firelit Coffee Liqueur

Today isn’t just a day where the fresh coffee nectar known as Firelit goes into bottles,

it’s also the day where founder Jeff Kessinger, art director Tyler Warrender, and several other strong-wristed cohorts hand-stamp each and every label on said bottles. Something the fellow Bay Area folks at Almanac Beer, with their hand-signed bottles, know a thing or two about.

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Firelit Batch 04 Roast Info

What I love about Firelit is how they use different local roasters / beans for every small batch they do. The first two releases used Oakland‘s Blue Bottle Coffee. The third batch used San Rafael‘s Weaver’s Coffee. Now, for Batch 04, they’re using Santa Cruz‘s Verve Coffee Roasters. St. George Spirits, where the liqueur is produced, has sold out of every bottle from previous batches so if you see an older one on a shelf, snag it with a quickness. Otherwise keep an eye out for where to find the new batch here.

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