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New: The Ferocious Few Attack SF with Video Projections, iPhone App

SF (spoiled) locals know duo The Ferocious Few as avant buskers who pop up and rock out anywhere from Market Street to Mission Street.

BSSP ad peep Scott McFadden (UPDATE: and crew of Eddie Ringer (director), Garrett Delorm, Darren Wong and Alex Rice) helped the band on a video and iPhone app that captures their all-over-the-place nature.

For their Loc’d Out vid Scott tells us, “…the projection idea came from the fact that they started performing with guerrilla performances around SF. We tried to keep this same vibe by projecting in sketchy places like city hall. It was pretty shady walking around with a projector and generator. We did get some heat but it didn’t stop us.


The iPhone App lets you hold your own pop-up show. “Your front row ticket to a live Ferocious Few face-melting, regardless of how un-epic your current location may be. See the rest »


Music: The Ferocious Few

Jonathan Ratcliff snapped this pic of San Francisco’s drum-and-guitar duo, The Ferocious Few, down on Powell & Market. What’s rad about them, on top of  their raw-ass sound, is that they play all around town. Like, on the street. A lot. Check their MySpace for dates and tunes.

The Ferocious Few “Lord Save My Soul” Snag it on iTunes

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Music: Thao Nguyen Photographed by Jonathan Ratcliff for SPIN
MP3: Friday Five 05.14.10 Supersuckers, The Mice, Vadoinmessico, The Ferocious Few, and Miniature Tigers