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King Tut: Anubis Paddles from SF to NYC and Boy Are His Arms Tired

NYC Friend of the Ümlaut Laura Miller snapped this killer pic. Love the suitcase slapped with stickers from his travels.

“As part of the King Tut exhibit coming to New York, they brought this statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, down the East River and past the Statue of Liberty. I wasn’t working so I went down to the Brooklyn Bridge and checked it out.”

Ahh, to have a day off. I would’ve caught the actual exhibit when it was here! See the rest »


Whoa: Herve Diebolt’s Octopusian ‘Stache One of Yahoo!’s Most Emailed

International Beard and Moustache participant, Herve Diebolt

Look who’s number four on the Yahoo! Most Emailed Photos gallery? It’s Frenchman and International World Beard & Moustache Championship participant, Herve Diebolt. Time to step it up for Petaluma Whiskerino. Three more weeks, folks. You’ve got time. (Thanks, Todd!)


KYEO: Ominous Shadow Art on California Street

Ominous Shadow on California Street

No, not the KD Lang / Richard Belzer hybrid standing to the left. The firebox shadow. And is that kid eating a Bomb Pop or firing up her lightsaber?

Spotted on California @ Montgomery.