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KYEO: Banksy in Carmel?

Spotted this while driving into Carmel this weekend.

While it’s on the most English of hotels in town and vaguely Banksy-ish in style …

… it’s not Banksy. See the rest »

KYEO: Stenciled Boy in Dogpatch

Something about how far this boy has to look for a patch of chain-link covered sky grabbed me and said, “snap a pic with your crappy iPhone camera, will ya?” So here it is.

If you’re in Dogpatch it’s at the foot of the old Fire Station 16 on Tennessee (between 20th & 21st).

KYEO: Invader Spotted on La Brea
KYEO: Three Heads Six Arms in SF Civic Center
KYEO: Shark Toof on Sunset in Echo Park
Gift: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts
Art: Stenciled Shadow Skaters by TR853-1

Gifted: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts

Stag n Houndstooth Shirt at Rock N Roll Crafts

A last-minute gift that’s handmade, local, and freakin’ fresh? It’s a holiday miracle!

These rockin’ shirts are hand stenciled by the stylish hands of Elaine Elwick BarrRock n Roll Crafts. She’s the one and only artist licensed to use Stencil 1 designs from Ed Roth (no, not that one). But like Big Daddy, she’s good with the customs. So when you see a design you like, she’ll spray it up in practically any colors you can think of. On any color shirt (well, that American Apparel can think of).

Rock n Roll Crafts at Renegade Craft Fair
December 19 & 20 at  Fort Mason, San Francisco

Art: Stenciled Shadow Skaters by TR853-1
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down
Design: Yeti’s Best Apple Box Labels Get My Thumbs Up

Adv: Petaluma Potholes Filled With KFC


KFC’s donating $3K to fill potholes in Petaluma; coincidentally known as both the Chicken Capital and the Pothole Capital. But there’s always a rub. This one has 11 herbs and spices: KFC gets to stencil “Re-freshed by KFC” on one of the potholes. Mmmmhot asphalt. Refreshing. (Thanks, Mel!)

Full article on Petaluma360.
Plus, looks like they’re doing it in my sweet-old hometown, Chicago.