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Beer: Happy Birthday to the Beer Can!

75 years ago today, beer was first put into a can by Krueger Brewing of Newark (followed by the first major brewery to do so, Pabst).

To celebrate I’ll be poppin’ some serious cannage all week. Woo-hoo! Sadly, the Duff can above is only an energy drink. However, a nice Sharpied umlaut would instantly convert it to imported energy drink, Düff. Price change!

Funny how the can is coming back in popularity, thanks to brewers like Oskar Blues who started canning in 2003 and even SF’s 21st Amendment in 2008. Now it’s pretty easy to find craft beer in a can. It’s just expensive. A four pack of Maui Brewing Company Coconut Porter will set you back almost ten bones. Y’ouch. But so damn tasty.

Avery just announced they’ll start canning their beers this April.

Here’s more info on beer can history and design at Web Urbanist.
(Thanks for the heads up, Pissed Ramblings!)

Vintage Beer Cans Found In Wall of 301 Webster

Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall of SF Apartment

Vintage Billy Beer Can .. Unopened!
Beer In A Can: Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat from 21st Amendment
Beer Can: Burgermeister Uncut Tin Sheet
Beer In A Can: Fishnet Lingerie Design
Wear: Brew Holster Cult


Beer: Top 50 Craft Breweries List Released

The Brewers Association released their list of top craft brewing companies (based on ’08 sales). Go, Lagunitas! See the full list.

2    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.    Chico    CA
15    Anchor Brewing Co.    San Francisco    CA
18    Stone Brewing Co.    Escondido    CA
24    Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.    San Jose    CA
27    The Lagunitas Brewing Co.    Petaluma    CA
28    Firestone Walker Brewing Co.    Paso Robles    CA
31    BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery    Huntington Beach    CA
39    Karl Strauss Brewing Co.    San Diego    CA
41    Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe    Eureka    CA
44    North Coast Brewing Co.    Fort Bragg    CA
49    Anderson Valley Brewing Co.    Boonville    CA

While 11 of the 50  top-selling craft brewers are from California, it’s Vermont that has the most breweries per capita. I think we’re too busy enjoying local brews to brew our own. That’s my excuse, anyway.