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Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall Of Lower Haight Apt.

Vintage Beer Cans Found In Wall of 301 Webster

Helped a good friend move out of what used to be my wife’s old apartment. Back behind the victorian moldings of their built-in bookcase were dozens of vintage beer cans—as if the former occupants would toss ’em up and over after they’d knock ’em back. A nice little time capsule of pull-top Lucky Lager, Miller High Life, Hamm’s, Rainier, and Olympia vintage beer cans.

Coincidentally, this was the day I had scored free tix to the Beer Shed at Eat Real Fest from Mario at Brewed For Thought. (Thanks anyway, man!)


“From the land of sky blue waters.”
Love the design of this Hamm’s tall boy.

Vintage tall boy Miller High Life and Olympia Beer Cans

Olympia … “It’s the Water.” Not to be confused with Hamm’s sky-blue variety.

Vintage Labatt's Half Quart Can

Vintage Lucky Lager Beer Can

Hamms and Rainier Beer Cans


And remember those Hamm’s “rippling” beer signs? Hypnotic.

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7 Responses

  1. kit says:

    hey, it’d be nice to see the holes on top from the tab-pulls.

  2. Got pics of those. One was even still connected to the can.
    They’re on my friend’s cam. Will add’em soon. Thanks!

  3. Heather Powell says:

    That’s amazing. What a cool find! Who would have ever guessed those were hiding back there. Love the labels.

  4. Heather Powell says:

    OMG, that second commercial. Were Americans seriously that cheesy? I mean, that trumpet music alone…

  5. Mark Rigney says:

    Hi there! Do you still have these cans, and if so, would you be interested in selling them? I’m a beer can collector and old cans are what I search for!

    Hope to hear back via my email, cheers! – Mark R.

  6. Banjo says:

    If you’re interested in finding out what they are worth check with the BCCA at http://www.bcca.com

  7. Brookelynn says:

    Drunk on Hairy Eyeball. Google searching for vintage Hamms. Of course the random image I clicked on was from The Umlaut!!!

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