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Teaser: Radical Face Song in Aamion Goodwin Family Surf Doc

No word on the official soundtrack but this Radical Face tune, used in a Nikon spot in the past, suits this teaser like a custom score. Currently titled The Goodwin Project, the movie is literally an adventure in the making which follows the Goodwin family—surfers Aamion and Daisy, with their two children in tow—around the world. One of my friends is on the crew documenting their travels and it sounds pretty damn interesting. See where they’re at now at The Goodwin Project.

Radical Face “Welcome Home” [follow]
from Touch The Sky

Radical Face has a new album out today (10/4) on iTunes, The Family Tree: The Roots.

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Ben Cooper: Incredible Hulk “Fun Poncho” is Literally Retarded

1977: Incredible Hulk “Fun Poncho” is Retarded

Flame retarded, that is. See what I did there?

Saw this vintage Ben Cooper (aka Smock ‘n Mask) Halloween costume at the Petaluma Art & Garden Festival this weekend. No you wouldn’t garden in it. And only if you were me would you call it art and hang it on your wall. But somewhere along the lines the fest has become more about antiques and less about arty gardeny schtuff. And for this I am thankful.

Dig the green Hulk-brow mask below.   See the rest »