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MP3: New Handsome Furs, Arcade Fire x David Byrne, O’Death, The Shivers, and Fool’s Gold :: Friday 05.27.11

Hot damn there’s a lot of good schtuff comin’ out. Prepare your wallets, purses, and doubloon bags. Enjoy thoroughly.

Handsome Furs “Repatriated”
  from Sound Kapital

Arcade Fire “Speaking In Tongues” (feat. David Byrne)
  from The Suburbs [deluxe]

O’Death “Bugs”
  from Outside

The Shivers “Love Is In The Air”
  from More

Fool’s Gold “Street Clothes”
  from Leave No Trace

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MP3: Friday Five 09.25.09

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday

Some new tunes, some live tunes, and some bonus tunes (in tribute to last night’s show). Enjoy your weekend, folks.

Devendra Banhart “Baby” from What Will Be
Fool’s Gold “Surprise Hotel” from s/t
Beirut “Nantes” (live) from KEXP 03.10.2007
The Ruby Suns “Oh, Mojave” from Sea Lion
Rattail “Keeper” from self released

Bon Iver “Brackett, WI” from Dark Was The Night
Bon Iver x Bowerbirds “Lovin’s For Fools” (Sarah Siskland) live
Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday.