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Listen: Phoenix, Wise Blood, Junip, Bass Drum of Death and Dinosaur Jr :: Friday 06.14.13

Some new-ish tunes that’ve been swirlin’ around the ÜÜ. The Wise Blood track just dropped a couple days ago and it’s been on repeat ever since. Enjoy thoroughly.


Wise Blood “Alarm” [follow]

Junip “Suddenly” [follow]

Bass Drum of Death”Crawling After You” [follow]

Dinosaur Jr. “Entertainment”(Phoenix) [follow]

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New MP3s: Yuck, Francisco The Man, Richard Buckner, Beachwood Sparks, and live Patrick Watson :: Friday 04.13.12

Rock out with the Ümlaut

Cannot wait to see Richard Buckner tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. He’s supposed to be playin’ both old and new stuff. Check out his latest beauty below. Plus a few other band’s new tracks to add to your shopping list. Enjoy thoroughly.

Yuck “Chew” [follow]

Francisco The Man “Broken Arrows” [follow]
from Broken Arrows

Richard Buckner “Willow” [follow]

Beachwood Sparks “Forget the Song” [follow]
from The Tarnished Gold

Patrick Watson “Into Giants” (live) [follow]
from Live on Q

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MP3: Japandroids, The Men, Best Coast, Rose Cousins, and Silversun Pickups :: Friday 03.30.12

Rock out with the Ümlaut. Enjoy thoroughly.

Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built” [follow]

The Men “Open Your Heart” [follow]
from Open Your Heart

Best Coast “The Only Place” [follow]
[free download]

Rose Cousins “For The Best” [follow]
from We Have Made a Spark

Silversun Pickups “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) [follow]

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MP3: 80s Synth Redux of Dinosaur Jr., plus The Shh, Golden Grrrls, The Shins (Acoustic), and Beach House :: Friday 03.23.12

A whole record of 80s synth-pop redux-tions of Dinosaur Jr. tunes? Yes, please. It’s being released on Record Store Day (4/21) and done by the same project that remixed Built to Spill into 80s songsThe Electronic Anthology Project (Brett Nelson of Built To Spill). Here’s a stream of one of ’em. Plus, four others to add to your shopping list. Enjoy thoroughly.

Dinosaur Jr. “Tarpit” (EAP Redux) [stream/buy]
from The Electronic Anthology Project

The Shh “So Over” [follow]
from The Burning Love

Golden Grrrls “New Pop” [follow]
from New Pop / Red Sea

The Shins “Simple Song”(Acoustic) [follow]
from Port of Morrow Acoustic Bonus

Beach House “Myth” [follow]
from Myth

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MP3: Built to Spill remixed as The Electronic Anthology Project
MP3: Beach House Does Not Care For The Winter Sun
MP3: Golden GRRRLS and Karen O x Trent Reznor
MP3: The Shins cover Squeeze 

MP3: Django Django, SF’s Night Genes, Jack White, Wild Nothing, and The Dø :: Friday 02.03.12

As much as I hate to perpetuate lazy comparisons, on first listen of San Francisco‘s Night Genes it’s hard not to reference the singer from The National. But I’ll one-up it with another reference: Steve Sallet from King of France / The Poison Tree. Regardless of familiar timbre, the trio’s touches of electropop and bright melodies help them stand on their own and make ’em one to add to your shopping list. Enjoy thoroughly.

Django Django “Default” [follow]
from s/t

Night Genes “Cyber Me” [follow]
from Like The Blood

Jack White “Love Interruption” [follow]
from Blunderbuss

Wild Nothing “Wait” [follow]
from Nowhere 7″

The Dø “Gonnna Be Sick” [follow]
from Both Ways Open Jaws

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MP3: Friday Five 05.21.2010 The Dø, Death Vessel, Club 8, José González / Junip, Ane Brun
Trailer: Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge in “It Might Get Loud”
MP3: Lower Dens, We Are Pirates, Wild Nothing, Andrew Bird, and Mondrian
MP3: The Shins cover Squeeze, The Dodos live, Washed Out w/ Caroline Polachek, Wild Nothing
MP3: King of France

MP3: Lower Dens, We Are Pirates, Wild Nothing, Andrew Bird, and Mondrian :: Friday 01.28.11

Here’s what’s been swirlin’ between our ears all week. Update your shopping lists. And enjoy thoroughly.

Lower Dens “Brains” [follow]
from Nootropics

We Are Pirates “Canyon” [follow]
from Kids Practice EP

Wild Nothing “Nowhere” (ft. Andrea Estella / Twin Sister) [follow]
from Nowhere 7″

Andrew Bird “Eyeoneye” [follow]

MONDRIAN “Paris” [follow]
from Flood of Kool

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MP3: Porcelain Raft, The Pharmacy, First Aid Kit, Y La Bamba, and Bon Iver x The Chieftains

Much to add to your shopping list on this week’s 5ive. Enjoy thoroughly.

Porcelain Raft “Drifting In And Out” [follow]
from Strange Weekend

The Pharmacy “Dig Your Grave” [follow]
from Dig Your Grave

First Aid Kit “Wolf” (Bonus Track) [follow]
from The Lion’s Roar

Y La Bamba [follow]
from Court The Storm

The Chieftains w/ Bon Iver “Down in the Willow” [follow]
from Voice of Ages

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MP3: First Aid Kit (live)
MP3: Bon Iver x James Blake
Mashup: Bon Iver x Marvin Gaye “How Sweet Is Emma’s Love”
Music: Lykke Li x Bon Iver “Dance Dance Dance”

MP3: Radiohead, Caveman, Blackbird Blackbird, First Aid Kit (live), and The xx (Demo) :: Friday 01.06.12

After Holidäy Hiatus we’re back with a grip of tunes that’ve been swirling between our ears over the last couple weeks. Enjoy thoroughly.

Radiohead “Staircase” [follow]
from The Daily Mail & Staircase (download)

Caveman “Old Friend” [follow]
from Coco Beware

Blackbird Blackbird “Tear” [follow]
from Boracay EP

First Aid Kid “Emmylou” (live) [follow]
from Live on KCRW

The xx “Open Eyes” (Demo) [follow]

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MP3: First Aid Kit “The Lion’s Roar”
MP3: Blackbird Blackbird cover Modest Mouse 
iPhone: Inside Apple’s Kid A-like Testing Facility
MP3: Blackbird Blackbird “modern disbelief”
MP3: Radiohead Covers “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon
MP3: The Antlers cover The xx
Video/MP3: Homeless Mustard Sings Radiohead’s Creep, Has Great Beard

MP3: Feist Beck Remix, Carousel, Unicycle Loves You, Islands, Sean Hayes Outtake :: Friday 12.16.11

Give it a close listen ‘cuz you’re gonna dig.
Play ’em against past 5ives and enjoy thoroughly.

Feist “How Come You Never Go There” (Beck Remix) [follow]

Carousel “The Thrill” [follow]
from 26 Allston EP

Unicycle Loves You “Wow Wave Cinema” [follow]
from Failure

Islands “This Is Not A Song” [follow]
from Asleep & A Forgetting

Sean Hayes “When We Fall In” (feat. Frazey Ford) [follow]
from Outtakes and Alternatives

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MP3: New from The National, Telekinesis, Bombay Bicycle Club, Room E Alpha Method Remix, and The Sandwitches :: Friday 12.09.11

An advance listen of a new National tune plus a bunch of others you can shop for right now. Shop musically. Enjoy thoroughly.

The National “Rylan” (live) [follow]
from Q LIVE in Toronto, Glenn Gould Studio

Telekinesis “Please Ask For Help” [follow]
from 12 Desperate Straight Lines

Bombay Bicycle Club “Shuffle” [follow]
from A Different Kind of Fix

Room E “Polar Bear” (Alpha Method Remix) [follow]
from Polar Bear (single)

The Sandwitches “Joe Says” [follow]
from Mrs. Jones’ Cookies

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MP3: Sharon Van Etten, Atlas Sound, Wye Oak, Golden GRRRLS, and Karen O x Trent Reznor :: Friday 12.02.11

A grip of great tunes to add to your shopping list.
Best played back-to-back like a r-a-d-i-o.

Sharon Van Etten “Serpents”  [follow]
from Tramp

Atlas Sound “Mona Lisa”  [follow]
from Parallax

Wye Oak “Strangers” (The Kinks)  [follow]
from Strangers / Mother

Golden GRRRLS “Red Sea”  [follow]
from New Pop / Red Sea

Karen O x Trent Reznor x Atticus Ross “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin)
[follow] from OST The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo [free sampler]


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MP3: J Mascis, Narrow Sparrow, Sam Prekop, Mouse on Mars, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. :: Friday 11.18.11

Some new and a couple old(ish) tunes for your shopping list this week. Enjoy thoroughly.

J Mascis “I’ve Been Thinking” [follow] from Circle 7″ (b-side)
* * * Dinosaur Jr plays The Fillmore w/ Henry Rollins 12/15 tickets

Narrow Sparrow “Joe Meeks Dream” [follow]
from Synthworks

Sam Prekop “C+F” [follow]
from Who’s Your New Professor

Mouse on Mars “Send Me Shivers” [follow]
from Radical Connector  ***Look for a new LP 2.24.12

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Nothing But Our Love” (Rudi Zygadio Remix) [follow]

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MP3: Tennis, The Drums, Bombay Bicycle Club, White Denim, and The Antlers (covering The xx)

Be sure to check out today’s 11.11.11 Mix. In the meantime, here’s today’s new five for your shopping and listening pleasure. Enjoy thoroughly.

Tennis “Origins” [follow]
from Origins

The Drums “I Can’t Save Your Life” [follow]
from How It Ended (b-side)

Bombay Bicycle Club “Lights Out, Words Gone” [follow]
from A Different Kind of Fix

White Denim “Handwriting” [follow]
from Takes Place In Your Work Space EP

The Antlers “VCR” (The xx) [follow]
from (Together)

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MP3: First Aid Kit, new Karen O, Nurses, Washed Out, and Superchunk :: Friday 11.04.11

Tons of goodies to go shoppin’ for this week. And a live sample from an album that’ll hopefully be out soon, a gorgeous duet off Karen O‘s “psycho opera” Stop The Virgens. Enjoy thoroughly.

First Aid Kit “The Lion’s Roar” [follow]
from The Lion’s Roar

Karen O “Duet” w/Jason P Grisell [follow]
from Live on WNYC 10.19.11

Nurses “Fever Dreams” [follow]
from Dracula

Washed Out “Call It Off” [follow]
from Amor Fati

Superchunk “Where Eagles Dare” (Misfits) [follow]
from Halloween ’11

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Adv: Grizzly Bear Lottery Commercial, Karen O Adidas
MP3: Karen O, Handsome Furs, Land of Talk
MP3: Wye Oak side project Flock of Dimes, Ben Folds covers Ke$ha, Washed Out, Black Keys cover Buddy Holly, and Seapony
MP3: Karen O Where The Wild Things Are
Beer+Vinyl: The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song 7″, 1968
Remix: Album Covers Recreated With DC Super Heroes
Video: Vanishing Point Is Abstract LP Cover Trip-Out