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Geek Out: Clever Hack Makes Any Song Swing

This hack is simply brilliant: The Swinger. It takes a song and time-stretches the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half.

Take a listen:

Sweet Child O Mine (The Swinger Version)

Every Breath You Take (The Swinger Version)

• •   • •

Tristan Jehan created this at Music Hack Day San Francisco and is now my hero.

Source code, more info, and more tunes put through The Swinger at The Music Machinery. (Thanks, Mike)

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Wii: DrumChuks Hack for Mac by Franklin Kite

Once you get past his short, auto-tune-flavored demo (“Antoinette” MP3), you’ll see just how much control you have over the kit. And you’ll know just how bad I want to mess with it.

Developed by John Mileham, programmer and musician in the band The Franklin Kite. He’s even sharing the code over on GitHub. Now that’s a rockstar.