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Photo Site: 100 Abandoned Houses


Man I wanna go explore inside each and every one of these 100 Abandoned Houses. So rad. Beautifully shot, too. Too bad there’s 12,000 more of these all around Detroit. Not so rad. (Via StickerRobot)

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Beer: Wild Hops in Abandoned Miner Cabin
Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall Of Lower Haight Apt.
For Sale: That House In Ferris Bueller


For Sale: That House In Ferris Bueller


I grew up in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, IL; aka The North Shore; aaka the backlot for every John Hughes flick this side of 1980. Ferris, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Uncle Buck … So when I saw this house for sale, I immediately looked for the PayPal button. I mean a 42×35 Family Room? Cozy, but it’ll do.

Go check out the pics and specs. ‘Cuz you know what’ll happen if you don’t. The realtor will keep callin’. Keep callin’. Make you feel guilty. And you’ll say, I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll go … (Thanks, Jen Small W!)

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Wayne Newton “Danke Schoen”