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Beer: Anchor Brewing adds “Humming” 1st New Seasonal in 5 Yrs.

Hot on the heels of news that Anchor has been sold to a Novato company, they’ve announced their first new seasonal in 5 years: Humming Ale.

Here’s the question: Why did Anchor make this announcement?
A) The oh-so-rare Nelson Sauvin hops in Humming Ale are oh-so-good.
B) They’re trying to squelch the usual big-company-buys-microbrewery-and-microbrewery-stops-putting-out-interesting-small-batch-beer expectations.

I’m guessing a little from column A, a little from column B. Either way, I’m excited. I was lucky enough to try Humming at TAPS Petaluma last November. It’s a wonderfully light, sessionable beer. But not “new” by any means. Just “new to bottles”.

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Beer: Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma

Beer: Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma

Anchor Brewing Humming Ale

Had a Dude’s Day with my boys this weekend. Wrestling (no, not on TV). Video games (yes, on tv). Playing at the park. Then wrapped it up with some baconized dogs and football at Petaluma’s new craft beer bar, Taps. Highly recommended (all of the above).

Anchor Humming Ale
How rad is Taps? They’re the first bar I’ve seen to get a hold of this draught-only special release, Humming Ale. Brewed to commemorate Anchor Brewing’s move to their present facilities in 1979, a former coffee roastery on Potrero Hill, where they’ve been “humming” ever since.

It’s a crisp Pale Ale that tastes a lot like a toned-down Anchor Steam. The smoothness comes from the addition of a rare hop variety, Nelson Sauvin. More on Humming Ale here.

Taps Petaluma's Deep Fried Bacon Dog

Deep-Fried Bacon Dog
On the menu at Taps is a BLT Dog: Deep-fried bacon wrapped dog with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. But for me, the lettuce and tomatoes just get in the way. So I got it smothered in pepper jack cheese instead. Yes.

Bite of the Taps Petaluma Deep Fried Bacon Dog

(Cross section of bacon-wrapped, cheese-smothered amazingness.)

August with 3" Mini Kiddie Dog at Taps Petaluma

3” Mini Kiddie Dogs
Nice that they have menu options for the little guys. These dogs were the perfect size for my 3 and 6 yr olds.

Hit up Taps soon, not sure how long the Humming will last!

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