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Rippled: The Most Glorius Light-Painted Music Video Evah

Turn it up. Make it big. This thing’s beautiful.

This gorgeous light painted video took OH YEAH WOW and Darcy Pendergast over 6 months to create. The result is a perfect match for the sound of instrumental Aussies, All India Radio. Lovely. (via Laughing Squid)

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All India Radio “Rippled” (grab the video version mp3 free)

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Tron: “Light Drive” Stop Motion Record Player Laser Light Show

Kim Pimmel created this stunning audio-visual trip, Light Drive, on an old turntable with light painting techniques, stop-motion, and mashed-up audio from Tron Legacy trailers. (via Matt Moore)

Way sexier than Tron Kama Sutra.

Here’s how Kim, UX designer at Adobe (go figure) did it: See the rest »