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Photoshop: Man Moustaches on Lady Celebrities

Moustaches on lady celebrities are better than lady beards on male celebrities—see any of Tom Cruise’s wives or Simon Cowell’s girlfriends. (*Explanation here.)

Moustache … Wha? See the rest »


Updated: Nic Cage as Pee-Wee and Megan Fox Rose Boy

Fang‘s Pee-Wee Cage just got posted to NicCageAsEveryone. What a day, folks. Congrats to all.

(FYI — Below is the clip the post is referencing with “Paging Jeff Fang …”)

Chalk up another one for Fang. Nice work!

Caption Needed: Megan Fox and The Fan From ‘85
Photoshop: Nic Cage As Pee Wee, Lando, Everyone.


Caption Needed: Megan Fox and The Fan From ’85


Alright Friënds, what’s he saying? Or Megan? And what about the guy who’s pimp-pulling her away? Leave it in the comments. Best one gets a big, virtual pat on the back. (Thanks, Dylan)

Here’s a crappy one to get you started. I gotta get back to work:

“Take this … it’s from my brother, Jason Bateman. 25 years ago.”

Photoshop: Nic Cage as Pee Wee and Megan Fox Rose Boy