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Updated: Nic Cage as Pee-Wee and Megan Fox Rose Boy

Fang‘s Pee-Wee Cage just got posted to NicCageAsEveryone. What a day, folks. Congrats to all.

(FYI — Below is the clip the post is referencing with “Paging Jeff Fang …”)

Chalk up another one for Fang. Nice work!

Caption Needed: Megan Fox and The Fan From ‘85
Photoshop: Nic Cage As Pee Wee, Lando, Everyone.


Photoshop: Nic Cage As Pee Wee, Lando, Everyone

PW is Jeff Fang‘s entry to the blog Nic Cage As Everyone. Tyler’s is below. You may remember their skills tweaking classic albums and Microsoft ads. Fang even achieved 3rd place in Gizmodo’s Photoshop Watchmen Contest. Where do they find the time? Maybe they need more work.

Nicolas Calrissian! Way to make use of the Raising Arizona ‘stache, Tyler.

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