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MP3: Feist Beck Remix, Carousel, Unicycle Loves You, Islands, Sean Hayes Outtake :: Friday 12.16.11

Give it a close listen ‘cuz you’re gonna dig.
Play ‘em against past 5ives and enjoy thoroughly.

Feist “How Come You Never Go There” (Beck Remix) [follow]

Carousel “The Thrill” [follow]
from 26 Allston EP

Unicycle Loves You “Wow Wave Cinema” [follow]
from Failure

Islands “This Is Not A Song” [follow]
from Asleep & A Forgetting

Sean Hayes “When We Fall In” (feat. Frazey Ford) [follow]
from Outtakes and Alternatives

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MP3: Unreleased Sean Hayes Tune for Free Download

San Francisco’s Sean Hayes just made this ramblin’, banjo beauty of a tune available on his website. Listen below. Click to download the unreleased song.

Sean Hayes “Fall On My Knees” from Unearthed & Unreleased

Sean Hayes plays the Independent SF November 3rd.


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Beer Güt Shirt
Rock Art: Ricky Watts Poster for Sean Hayes / Arann Harris
MP3: Sean Hayes, Broken Social Scene (acoustic) 
MP3: Friday Five 04.16.10


MP3: Friday Five 04.16.10

Caught Sean Hayes at the Mystic on Sunday. The guy’s got such a great voice. Especially live. If you haven’t grabbed his new LP grab it now. So, so, so good. The other four tracks below are new ones that’ve popped up this week, begging for a sunny weekend. If you have one, enjoy the fork out of it.

• •   • •

Here We Go Magic “Collector” from Pigeon

Girls In The Eighties “Yesterday’s Don’t Mean Shit”
from Faceless Sonic Boom

Broken Bells “October” (live)
from The MySpace Transmissions 04.10 (more)

Sean Hayes “Garden” from Run Wolves Run

Francisco The Man “Television Father”
from With Friends Like You

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Rock Art: Ricky Watts Poster for Sean Hayes / Arann Harris

This drawing was inspired by musician Arann Harris of The Green String Farm Band. He came up with the concept and I brought the idea to life. It is a futuristic interpretation of a growth hormone experiment gone bad on the downtown streets (of my hometown) of Petaluma, California, once known as the “Chicken Capital of the World“.”

Limited run of 50 prints. More info / purchase »

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If you haven’t seen a show at the Mystic, here’s a terrific opportunity. Grab tickets now. It’s ALL AGES.

Hear Sean Hayes »  Arann Harris & The Green String Farm Band »

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MP3: Friday Five 02.19.10

Caught Sean Hayes for the first time last night at the Mystic in Petaluma. We were pretty damn impressed. Highly recommend the trek up when he returns April 11. For now, hear his latest below. Along with other tasty tunes that’ve been circling the Ümlaut this week. Thanks for the Local Natives tip, Dylan!

• •  • •

Sean Hayes “When We Fall In” from Run Wolves Run

The Morning Benders “Excuses” from Big Echo

The Mint Chicks “Crush” from Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox

Local Natives “Airplanes” from Gorilla Manor

Broken Social Scene “Superconnected” (Acoustic)
from KCRW Session 11.8.2005

Download the new Broken Social scene track “World Sick”

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