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Stoked: VCJ is Back on Deck at Powell-Peralta Skateboards

(George Powell & VCJ)

Vernon Courtland Johnson is back on staff at Powell-Peralta and working on new graphics.

Growing up I totally wanted to be him. I even sent him a drawing of what I thought the new McGill graphic could look like. He was so nice that he not only sent me a response (with his trademark ‘VCJ’ stamp) but also included a copy of the yet-to-be-released Caballero design—the one with bats/bones background. I’ve still got it and will share here soon.

VCJ combined the incredible line quality of M.C. Escher with his own uniquely-warped sensibilities to create some of the most classic skateboard graphics of all time. None more parodied (mostly in tribute than jest) than the Ripper.

Here’s some of my favorites from the Rip The Ripper show back in 2009:

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KYEO: Lo Pan Ate Your Posse

If you haven’t seen Big Trouble In Little China I don’t know how you’re even breathing right now.

We spotted this sticker on the side of a podium in Saturn CafeSanta Cruz. Breathing new life into Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker ripoffs. The likes I haven’t seen for years.

KYEO indeed »

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