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MP3: Tennis, The Drums, Bombay Bicycle Club, White Denim, and The Antlers (covering The xx)

Be sure to check out today’s 11.11.11 Mix. In the meantime, here’s today’s new five for your shopping and listening pleasure. Enjoy thoroughly.

Tennis “Origins” [follow]
from Origins

The Drums “I Can’t Save Your Life” [follow]
from How It Ended (b-side)

Bombay Bicycle Club “Lights Out, Words Gone” [follow]
from A Different Kind of Fix

White Denim “Handwriting” [follow]
from Takes Place In Your Work Space EP

The Antlers “VCR” (The xx) [follow]
from (Together)

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Beer Güt Shirt

MP3: Friday Five 02.26.10

Do me a favor and enjoy the hell out of your weekend. I’ll be doing the same.

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Parenthetical Girls “Evelyn McHale” from Privelege, pt. 1

The Fresh & Onlys “Peacock and Wing” from s/t

Pack A.D. “Crazy” from We Kill Computers

Club 8 “Western Hospitality” from The People’s Record

Air Conditioning School (ex-Sukpatch) “Busymore”
from Wake Me Up

The Antlers “Two” (live) from WOXY Lounge Act 02.15.10

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