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As Seen on TV: A Tribute to Doing it Wrong … So Wrong

Getting a single egg in a large pan? Exposing breasts to your boss and making it seem like an accident? Why is everything so freakin’ hard?!

I’ve got a soft spot for bad stuff. The worse, the better. It’s why I pay money for jacked-up action figures. Hell, it’s why I do the Ümlaut. Naturally, when it comes to TV, I cannot escape the gravitational pull of bad commercials. This montage is irresistible. With a great use of The Beatles, too.

Thanks, FangFoundThis!

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Traction: Wieden’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice Spot

Wieden+Kennedy‘s fantastic Old Spice spot is gaining some serious traction. Not quite GEICO Caveman TV show traction. But that’s a good thing.

Petaluma’s own Leo Laporte (Tech TV) just dissected the making of and even interviewed the creative team behind the idea. There’s the inevitable spoofs, of course. Now there’s a tribute song.

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Video: Marlon Brando Tribute / Beatles Mashup

Damn, wasn’t Brando a badass?

YouTube user Darklite38 created this mesmerizing tribute with clips from 29 Brando films, one Beatles track “Day In The Life”, and a lot of love. (via MeFi)