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A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

Watch: Google In-Phone Ad Whisperer and a Yahoo! Smartphone

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I can’t tell which is funnier, the 2+ minute Google piece or the 3 second Yahoo! one. Gotta love The Onion.

It may not be Cock Puncher but it’s right up there with the MacBook Wheel.

Trailer: “Don’t tase me, Cockpuncher!” Steven Seagal is Lawman
Big In Japan: Black Man Undies, Ball Blushers, and Tommy Lee Jones
Cool: Google Chrome Speed Tests


MP3: Super Mario via Grupo Falso Baiano

Post-It Note Mario and Mushroom

Spotted this Post-It Note Mario and mushroom in the halls of Yahoo!.

Bay Area Brazilian quartet, Grupo Falso Baiano (The Fake Bahians) offer a refreshing take on everyone’s favorite gamer theme:

Grupo Falso Baiano “Irmão Super Mario” from Choro e Jazz

Grab the album from their official website. (Thanks, Davon)


Search: Yahoo! and Google April Fools

Yahoo! Ideological Search
Yahoo! Ideological Search

Yahoo! brings Truthiness to web search with the Ideological Search Engine. Filter the web through the blinders of either political view.

My take: Funny and surprisingly useful.

Google CADIE 

Google introduced CADIE, the world’s first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.  

My take: Sorta funny-ish but takes a lot of reading. I’ll give it to ‘em for being thorough—on top of CADIE’s Blog and YouTube channel, there’s GMailGoogle Docs, and Google Code. Talk about geeking out.


iPhone: Inquisitor Search App


The built-in Safari search on iPhone is okay. If you like türd. Thankfully, Inquisitor‘s been ported as an App. Giving suggestions and site descriptions, before you even tap. Damnit, that rhymes. 

Get it free on the App store now.