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Bar Closed: Due to Irene, Jesus

Bars and businesses were expecting the wrath of God but got rained out instead.

Designer and Whiskerino artist extraordinaire Tim McSweeney sent us this closed sign from Brooklyn. No it doesn’t match the creativity of the Best Wet Paint Sign in NYC or the randomness of the No Tweekers Sign, it does, however, get the point across. New Yorkers were not impressed with the storm.

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Beer Güt Shirt


Beer Tourist: John Dory Oyster Stout by Sixpoint

Some oyster stouts simply pair well with oysters. True oyster stouts are literally made with oysters. This one’s the real deal. And you can only slurp it at one spot.

Anchored at the cornerstone space of NYC‘s See the rest »


MP3: Dinosaur Feathers, Best Coast, Night Manager, Male Bonding, and The Chain Gang of 1974 :: Friday 06.17.11

This one time, on bandcamp …

This week I came across two killer bands thanks to the site bandcamp. And surprise, they’re from Brooklyn. The moddish Dinosaur Feathers and the super lo-fi, searing-with-potential Night Manager. Give ‘em some love. Along with the rest of this week’s Friday Five. Enjoy thoroughly.

Dinosaur Feathers “Please, Please George” [follow]

Best Coast “Gone Again”
from Adult Swim Singles Program

Night Manager “Pizza Pasta”
from Pizza Pasta 7″ [follow]

Male Bonding “Bones”
from Endless Now [follow]

The Chain Gang of 1974 “Undercover”
from Wayward Fire [follow]

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Beer + Hot Lava Rocks = Dr. Klankenstein Stein Brewing

Who (else) knew lava rocks had such magical powers?

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Craft Ales, that’s who.

Apparently the ancient beer masters would use 1000 degree lava rocks to make beer. To resurrect this ancient art, called Stein Brewing, Sixpoint partnered with The Museum of Modern Art‘s adjoining restaurant The Modern. Then they got Aaron Ekroth to help tell the story. Beautifully, may I add.

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Watch: Vintage Carnival Drama in Minks Funeral Song Video

This music video’s a dreamy recut of 1954 Carnival Story. A perfect match for the woozy vocals and shimmery, driving beats of “Funeral Song” from Brooklyn’s Minks.

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