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Beer Tourist: John Dory Oyster Stout by Sixpoint

Some oyster stouts simply pair well with oysters. True oyster stouts are literally made with oysters. This one’s the real deal. And you can only slurp it at one spot.

Anchored at the cornerstone space of NYC‘s Ace Hotel, opposite end of the meat-orgy that is The Breslin, is the John Dory Oyster Bar. A well-known hotspot for oysters, they go through a lot of ‘em. So they save the shells and once every 1 to 3 months they send the bags to Brooklyn‘s Sixpoint Craft Ales who make this exclusive stout.

The result is a rich, satisfying stout I can still taste 3,000 miles away in SF. Smooth. Like, nitrous smooth. Toasty. Minerally (in a good way). And there’s a distinct cola flavor. It all washes over your tongue with a creamy coffee and vanilla bean finish.

Happening upon this Stout is right up there with seeing Spiderman play Careless Whisper on Sax in terms of wonderful NYC surprises.

Though you won’t find it anywhere else (maybe at the brewery) you can get one any night of the week at John Dory ’til 2 a.m. Highly recommended.

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    So jeals! I’ve been wanting to eat there foreves!!!

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