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MP3: Friday Five 08.06.10 Antony covers John Lennon, Sea and Cake cover David Bowie, The Drums, Com Truise, and Black Mountain

A couple tasty covers to ease into the weekend rawk. Enjoy thoroughly.

Antony and the Johnsons “Imagine” (John Lennon)
from Thank You For Your Love EP

The Sea and Cake “Sound & Vision” (David Bowie)
from One Bedroom

The Drums “Me and the Moon” from s/t

Com Truise “Sundriped” from Cyanide Sisters EP

Black Mountain “The Hair Song” from Wilderness Heart

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MP3: Com Truise Free EP “Cyanide Sisters”

7 tracks of sun-drenched, 80s electro instros. Like a DeLorean with a sunroof.

Com Truise “Sundriped” from Cyanide Sisters [MySpace]

Download the Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters EP »

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