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Beer Art: 7 Hilarious Hand-Drawn Taps at Church Key SF

Like the Wacky Packs of beer

It’s not often you find beers like Samichlaus on tap (the rare bottles are a Christmas tradition with me). Even more rare to find hand-doodled parodies gracing the pulls. Church Key in San Francisco‘s North Beach only has a few taps at a time but man does their artwork make up for their numbers. They put the hand in tap handles.

° °

About the artist

I had to pull teeth out of the bartender as he was, unfortunately, not the most talkative or friendly. This is how I got to what I sorta believe to be the guy’s name:

ÜÜ: Did you draw these? They’re awesome.
CK: No.

ÜÜ: Did someone else at Church Key draw them?
CK: No.

ÜÜ: Do you know who did?
CK: A local guy who comes in here.

ÜÜ: Happen to know his name?
CK: Sean.

ÜÜ: Sean … ?
CK: Sean Dick.

I couldn’t tell if that was the guy’s last name or the bartender just was being one. Making that my last beer at Church Key for the eve. However, I’ll go back and give ’em another chance. And bring a better camera. In the meantime enjoy these seven killer tap handles by Sean Dick(?) …

° °

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Saturday: Catch Blue Ribbon Salvage & Local Artisans at Oakland’s Handmade Ho Down

Don’t be put off or confused by the ridiculously long name, Mini Marzipan & East Bay Express Present: Taste For Artisans Event, The Handmade Ho Down. Just go for the great crafts, good bands, and tasty treats. And the gorgeous jewelry of Blue Ribbon Salvage.

Come on out this Saturday! Bring unused art supplies for DrawBridge and win prizes, too!

SATURDAY, APRIL 3rd 5 pm – 11 pm
Jack London Square
98 Broadway Ave (the old Barnes & Noble space)
more info here

Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down @ 1015 Folsom
Blue RIbbon Salvage Vintage Bling, Found & Redeemed

Crafty: Moustache Crayons

Red, Brown, Yellow? Shouldn’t those be Ginger, Auburn, and Spencer-Spratt-Flesh-Beard-Colored Blonde?

Either way, My Friend Emily Mustache Crayons are rad and on sale in the Boing Boing Bazaar Makers Market.

I wonder if it’s the same mold Melissa used to make the Petaluma Whiskerino Moustache Pops? Hmm …

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Ongoing: A Collection of Facial Hair Collections
Moustache: The Handlebar Club, Circa 1947
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down @ 1015 Folsom

Hurry: Holiday Gift Show Saturday “Running With Glitter” By Petaluma Craft Mafia

Running With Glitter

Time’s runnin’ out before gift buying turns to gift giving. You ready?

Finish your shopping in one spot:

THIS SATURDAY » Running With Glitter
12 to 5 pm at the Petaluma Veterans Hall
FREE swag bags for the first 50 people!

This’ll be the last big ’09 show for Blue Ribbon Salvage jewelry. So be sure to stop by Mel’s booth and say Hëy.

Blue Ribbon Salvage

Check out the feature on Blue Ribbon Salvage at fashion blog Style Wylde.

Gifted: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts

Stag n Houndstooth Shirt at Rock N Roll Crafts

A last-minute gift that’s handmade, local, and freakin’ fresh? It’s a holiday miracle!

These rockin’ shirts are hand stenciled by the stylish hands of Elaine Elwick BarrRock n Roll Crafts. She’s the one and only artist licensed to use Stencil 1 designs from Ed Roth (no, not that one). But like Big Daddy, she’s good with the customs. So when you see a design you like, she’ll spray it up in practically any colors you can think of. On any color shirt (well, that American Apparel can think of).

Rock n Roll Crafts at Renegade Craft Fair
December 19 & 20 at  Fort Mason, San Francisco

Art: Stenciled Shadow Skaters by TR853-1
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down
Design: Yeti’s Best Apple Box Labels Get My Thumbs Up

Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down @ 1015 Folsom

Etsy Handmade Ho-Down

If you weren’t at 1015 Folsom Thursday night, you missed a very cool, FREE event. Curated by Etsy so you know the goods were good. Plus, proceeds went towards DrawBridge.

Drinks and killer holiday gifts by local Bay Area artisans, including Melissa’s Blue Ribbon Salvage.

See more from Blue Ribbon Salvage

Where: 1015 Folsom, Thursday December 3rd (map)
More info on Etsy’s Handmade Ho-Down here.

Find Blue Ribbon Salvage downstairs, right next to the Magnolia Photo Booth. Primo!

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