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Beer Art: 7 Hilarious Hand-Drawn Taps at Church Key SF

Like the Wacky Packs of beer

It’s not often you find beers like Samichlaus on tap (the rare bottles are a Christmas tradition with me). Even more rare to find hand-doodled parodies gracing the pulls. Church Key in San Francisco‘s North Beach only has a few taps at a time but man does their artwork make up for their numbers. They put the hand in tap handles.

° °

About the artist

I had to pull teeth out of the bartender as he was, unfortunately, not the most talkative or friendly. This is how I got to what I sorta believe to be the guy’s name:

ÜÜ: Did you draw these? They’re awesome.
CK: No.

ÜÜ: Did someone else at Church Key draw them?
CK: No.

ÜÜ: Do you know who did?
CK: A local guy who comes in here.

ÜÜ: Happen to know his name?
CK: Sean.

ÜÜ: Sean … ?
CK: Sean Dick.

I couldn’t tell if that was the guy’s last name or the bartender just was being one. Making that my last beer at Church Key for the eve. However, I’ll go back and give ’em another chance. And bring a better camera. In the meantime enjoy these seven killer tap handles by Sean Dick(?) …

° °

Admiral Ackbar graces La Trappe Isid’or. Your eyes can’t repel blurry photos of this magnitude!

° °

Much like this bare Scottish butt, the naming for Kilt Lifter, from Novato‘s Moylan’s, caused a serious stink after certain breweries got their panties in a bunch (full story). I could pull more puns out of my ass but that’d be crappy.

° °

Viking nip slip (nip tip?) for Haand Bryggeriet Odin’s Tipple. Take that, Brit Brit.

° °

Unibroue, my favorite Canadian maker of Belgian beers, gets the Golden Girl treatment for Blanche de Chambly. Coincidentally, Rue McLanahan passed away a year ago this month. So you can stop cryin’ already.

° °

Whether or not you think Han shot first, we can all agree that Greedo was a Rodian. Hence, he is Rodenbach Grand Cru.

The bigger question is, was this the beer Princess Leia was drinking?

° °

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. Petaluma repreezent!

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  1. Sully says:

    You’re probably missing a comma in his answer about the name…

  2. […] Unnecessary Umlaut: Beer Art: 7 Hilarious Hand-Drawn Taps at Church Key SF […]

  3. You do exist! These are great, man. Cheers to you.

  4. Sean Dick says:

    Thanks a lot, though I didn’t do the hop stoopid one. That was one of the bartenders, I think I was sick that day.

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