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Is This Love: Bob Marley x Heavy Metal

Yes. Yes this is. (Thanks, Josh)

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Beer Güt Shirt

Mashup: Bon Iver x Marvin Gaye “How Sweet Is Emma’s Love”
Video: Death Metal Roostër & Usher Duet With a Goat
Röck: Sleigh’r Beer and Slayer Christmas Lights
Trip Out: New Cyriak “Baaa” Sheep Video
MP3 Mix: This Year Goes To 11.11.11
Premake: Pixar’s Up! Remixed as Swingin’ 1960s Disney


Ümlaut: Heavy Metal Band Name Flowchart

What about Assück? Beowülf? Or the doubly-unnecessary Infernäl Mäjesty?

The pentagram of knowledge has only so much room for ümlauts. Thankfully, the thoughtful groupings and classifications of metal band names more than make up for it.
Get a closer look at One For The Road.

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MP3: Rock out with the Ümlaut
InfoGraphics: Periodic Tables of Schtüff
Ongoing: A Collection of Facial Hair Collections
Beer: How Much Water Does it Take to Make Your Favorite Liquids?


Video: Death Metal Roostër

Rock out with your cock out. While you’re at it, rock out with the Ümlaut.
(via MeFi) Update: Doubled Version!

BONUS VIDEO: Watch Usher’s Duet With A Goat (Thanks, Fang)

Video: Creepy Raccoon Hand
Classic Toons: Tex Avery’s Car Of Tomorrow & Farm Of Tomorrow
Y’ouch: Shane Sings 5 Octaves
Mashup: Bon Iver x Marvin Gaye “How Sweet Is Emma’s Love”