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MANDOM: Charles Bronson Commercial Collection, Bonus Vintage Posters

Probably the most amazing series of commercials with the most amazing jingle in the world. Ever. There’s so much wrong. And so much right.

Even more amazing? When we stayed with my Sister In-Law in LA, her boyfriend Matt actually had a bottle of the stuff. It’s even got the jingle around the cap.

Now that’s a jingle, folks. If its melancholic nostalgia isn’t stuck in your head now, watch the rest of the series …

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Beer+MP3: The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song, 1968

Ahh, beer jingles. Burned into my brain well before I was legal. Hamm’s From the land of sky-blue waters, Löwenbräu’s Here’s to good friends, and Miller’s If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer. Good stuff. But NY brewer Utica Club tried to take it further. From the jingle to the single. It was the 60s, man. Time to think far out.

“The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song”

After I heard this on the now defunct 365 Days Project I tracked down the original 7″ on eBay. Been holding onto it since 2003. Expect more randomness from the Ümlaut archives in 2010. (*cue sinister laughter)

Not sure who the seriously swingin’ copywriter is who wrote the back cover. But the songwriter is Sasha Burland, who wrote a Clio-winning Alka Seltzer spot jingle among other things.

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