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MP3: Friday Five ‘Rock Out With Your Beard Out’

… or your sideburns, moustache, goatee, or peach fuzz.

Special hairy edition of the Friday Five to celebrate tomorrow’s Whiskerino & Crafterino festivities. Holding the coveted Golden Chicken trophy for Best Overall (two years running!) is Jack Passion, a World Beard Champion, standing with MC Bill Hammerman.

Hit play and peruse a few pics from the 2009 contest below. Enjoy thoroughly.

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Bud Light “Mr. Handlebar Moustache Wearer”
from Real Men of Genius, Vol. 2

The Coasters “Down In Mexico”
from OST Grind House: Death Proof

Warren Smith “Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache”
from The Legendary Sun Records Story

Norman Greenbaum “Petaluma” from Petaluma

Wilco “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard” from YHF EP

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KYEO: Chicken Stoop & Norman Greenbaum’s Petaluma For The Soul

Keep Your Eyes (and Ears) Open. Never know what you’ll see.

Spotted this chicken-filled stoop while cruisin’ around Petaluma. Coincidentally, just a block away from the ol’ Must-Hatch Incubator Co. building. Did you know the egg incubator was invented here? It’s one of the reasons we were known as The World’s Egg Basket. (And you thought we only invented the world sport of Wrist-Wrestling).

“Got chickens in the houses. We got chickens in the trees. Chickens in the pots of all the Petalumees …

Norman Greenbaum “Petaluma” from Petaluma

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Video: Petaluma Pete Does Whiskerino 2009
Spotted: Giant Pizza Slice In Pinky’s Phone Booth
Petaluma: “Secondhand Love” Gives Old Art New Heart, Sat. Feb 13th