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A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

Remix: Albums & Video Games Redone As Book Covers

Record Covers as Pelican Books “Cover Versions” by Littlepixel.


Video Games vs. Penguin Classics Full set by Olly Moss.

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Beer+Vinyl: The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song 7″, 1968
Remix: Album Covers Recreated With DC Super Heroes
Video: Vanishing Point Is Abstract LP Cover Trip-Out
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II and Animated Suburbs Cover
R.I.V.: Rest In Vinyl, Press Your Ashes Into Vinyl Records
WTF: Album Tacos
Live: Rockin’ Home Furnishings from Bughouse
Stacked: (((((Stereo))))) Album Covers