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Beer Tourist: John Dory Oyster Stout by Sixpoint

Some oyster stouts simply pair well with oysters. True oyster stouts are literally made with oysters. This one’s the real deal. And you can only slurp it at one spot.

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Infographic: The United States of GOOD Beer

Recently GOOD Magazine asked readers for “the most awesome, best-tasting, sustainably brewed, independently owned, community-oriented craft beer brewed in your state“. This (updated) map is the result. Let the list-bitching begin …

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Beer + Hot Lava Rocks = Dr. Klankenstein Stein Brewing

Who (else) knew lava rocks had such magical powers?

Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Craft Ales, that’s who.

Apparently the ancient beer masters would use 1000 degree lava rocks to make beer. To resurrect this ancient art, called Stein Brewing, Sixpoint partnered with The Museum of Modern Art‘s adjoining restaurant The Modern. Then they got Aaron Ekroth to help tell the story. Beautifully, may I add.

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