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Infographic: The United States of GOOD Beer

Recently GOOD Magazine asked readers for “the most awesome, best-tasting, sustainably brewed, independently owned, community-oriented craft beer brewed in your state“. This (updated) map is the result. Let the list-bitching begin …


With Lagunitas IPA being the #1 selling IPA in California I’m surprised they used PILS as the state’s representative graphic. But whatev. They give a helluva lot back to the community. Petaluma represent!

Also, WTF Idaho?! Not even one single vote? No Grand Teton? Their founder Charlie Otto freakin’ invented the refillable glass beer growler. How’s that for sustainability? Plus,their Their Black Cauldron is one of the better values in Imperial Stouts. Pull it together people.

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Nice to see Sixpoint reppin’ NY and New Glarus for Wisconsin (featured in the Ümlaut Beerds Collections).

For the full list check out the original post at GOOD Magazine (via) »

For a contrasting list, based on the discerning and weathered palates of craft beer geeks, check out the RateBeer Best Beers 2011 »

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