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WTF: Album Tacos

Album Tacos? I expected vinyl LPs warmed and folded like tacos. Maybe filled with shredded album covers. Something you might find at Vinyl Frontier. But instead, it’s the majestically taco-fied reinterpretations you see here.

Much like the contents of a Taco Bell taco, you shouldn’t think too hard about it.

See more at Album Tacos. (Thanks, Rich!)

Poster: Neko Case by Chuck Sperry/Firehouse (+bonus live MP3s)
Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW!
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WTF: Pinup Robert Downey Jr
Arcade Fire: 8 Suburbs Covers and 4 Tracks
Art: Record Cover Mix & Match or “Sleeve-Sleeving”

MP3: Friday Five 04.17.09


Some new tunes this week. And a couple older ones to prep for tonight’s Devendra show at the Mystic in Petaluma. Enjoy.

Superchunk “Misfits And Mistakes” from Leaves in the Gutter EP

The Hold Steady “Chips Ahoy” (live) from A Positive Rage

The Shins “Plenty Is Never Enough” (Tenemant Halls cover)
from Score! 20 Years of Merge, the Covers

T. Rex “Cosmic Dancer” from Electric Warrior

Devendra Banhart “At The Hop” from Niño Rojo

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