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A surplus of geekery by :: Fred Abercrombie

KYEO: Patron Saint of Manly ‘Staches, Saint Selleck

As always, Keep Your Eyes Out. We spotted this next to L’asso in Nolita, NYC.

Speaking of manly ‘staches, Petaluma Whiskerino is October 8th. Are you growing to be there?

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Art: Skullphone Releases Limited Edition Print

Digital Red is a new 3-color silkscreened, 18 x 24 print from Skullphone. Signed, limited edition of 100. Gotta love the dots. Grab yours here. ‘Cuz you’re not gonna peel one off a building in this good of shape.

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KYEO: Stenciled Boy in Dogpatch

Something about how far this boy has to look for a patch of chain-link covered sky grabbed me and said, “snap a pic with your crappy iPhone camera, will ya?” So here it is.

If you’re in Dogpatch it’s at the foot of the old Fire Station 16 on Tennessee (between 20th & 21st).

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KYEO: Shark Toof on Sunset in Echo Park
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