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Soundtrack: International Beer Day 08.05.10

Today is right up there with International Bacon Day in terms of obscure yet delicious holidays.

International Beer Day (unrelated to the National Beer Drinking Song) was started by some guys in Santa Cruz way back in 2007 and is slowly ebbing out beyond the Yay Area. It’s an August 5th tradition to, well, drink beer. Like you need another excuse.

Supposedly, the proper way to greet someone today is by saying “I bring you the gift of beer“. For which one cannot refuse. Not a bad tradition to start.

Here’s a soundtrack for today’s festivities:

Andy Reynolds “Beer Bottle Mama”
from History of Country & Western

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys “Bubbles in my Beer”

Beck “Beercan” from Mellow Gold

Utica Club “National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song”

Ramones “Gimmie My Steel Reserve”
from Steel Reserve Beer Commercial

Naked Raygun “Wonder Beer” from Understand?

Admiral Radley (ex-Grandaddy) “I’m All Fucked On Beer”
from I Heart California

Tom T. Hall “I Like Beer” (live)
from The Nashville Storyteller

The Blazers “Glorious Beer”
from More College Drinking Songs

The Seeburg Style K “Beer Barrel Polka”
from Musée Mécanique – San Francisco Vol. 1

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Beer+MP3: The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song, 1968

Ahh, beer jingles. Burned into my brain well before I was legal. Hamm’s From the land of sky-blue waters, Löwenbräu’s Here’s to good friends, and Miller’s If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer. Good stuff. But NY brewer Utica Club tried to take it further. From the jingle to the single. It was the 60s, man. Time to think far out.

“The Utica Club National Carbonation Beer Drinking Song”

After I heard this on the now defunct 365 Days Project I tracked down the original 7″ on eBay. Been holding onto it since 2003. Expect more randomness from the Ümlaut archives in 2010. (*cue sinister laughter)

Not sure who the seriously swingin’ copywriter is who wrote the back cover. But the songwriter is Sasha Burland, who wrote a Clio-winning Alka Seltzer spot jingle among other things.

Vintage Billy Beer .. Unopened!
Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall of SF Apartment
Beer In A Can: Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat from 21st Amendment
Beer Can: Burgermeister Uncut Tin Sheet