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WTF: Album Tacos

Album Tacos? I expected vinyl LPs warmed and folded like tacos. Maybe filled with shredded album covers. Something you might find at Vinyl Frontier. But instead, it’s the majestically taco-fied reinterpretations you see here.

Much like the contents of a Taco Bell taco, you shouldn’t think too hard about it.

See more at Album Tacos. (Thanks, Rich!)

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Awesome: Classic Album Cover Art Extended

It’s like Sleevefacing, but different … Sleevescaping? Sleevemancing?

What happens beyond the borders of classic album cover sleeves? That was the challenge issued by B3TA, to which hundreds replied. Some are pretty damn clever. Check ’em here.

The Pink Floyd Animals cover BoingBoing picked out is my fave. Ace Photoshopping.

Photoshop: Insert Tech Into Classic Album Covers
Photoshop: Nic Cage As Pee Wee, Lando, Everyone
Photoshop: Re-Tool The Microsoft Trainwreck Contest
Photoshop: Gizmodo’s Watchmen Contest