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Beer: Lagunitas Zappa Beer “Ruben & The Jets” Gets Special Treatment

lagunitas ruben beer barrel

Lagunitas Ruben Bourbon Beer Barrels

Snapped these pics back in February while at the Beer Circus. They’re super-special versions of my favorite from Lagunitas’ now defunct Frank Zappa Series, Ruben and The Jets.

According to Brewed For Thought, two versions should be hitting the TapRoom and select drafts in the coming weeks:

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ruben and The Jets

Ruben and The Bretts
(barrel-aged, dosed with brett and cherries)

Read more at Brewed For Thought.

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  1. There’s an AMAZING beer distributor/store down the street from my apartment and not only do they carry almost all of the Lagunitas delights, but tonight while perusing their shelfs I discovered one last one of these and snagged it up nice and quick. It’s in the fridge cooling off. Excellent.

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