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Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus 2009 pics

The She-Clown, Bearded Lady and ... WTF

It’s taken almost a month to recover from this event and post pics.
Shield your children and check out the gallery …

Press play for optimal viewing experience:
Oh, How She Dances by Jim Dickinson (thanks for the tune, DK!)

The nail goes in, and comes back out

I drank:  Lagunitas’ Hairy Eyeball, Cappuccino Stout, Hop Stoopid, and Farmhouse Saison.

I saw:  The Boiler Bar and Theater, Extra Action Marching Band, The Golden Mean snail car,  Rube Wadell, and more.

You:  Missed out.

Two-Headed Goat

Lagunitas held the Beer Circus Feb. 8th at their Petaluma brewery. Part of the inaugural festivities of SF Beer Week. Proceeds went to the Petaluma High School Jazz Band (they’re always giving back to the community … one more reason to love ‘em).

Prepping For the Big Show

Rube Wadell Baseball-Bat Slide Guitar
This guy’s in Americana junk band, Rube Wadell. And that bat is a slide guitar that sits on top of a geezer walker. Go see where they’re playing next and catch them live.

Human Marionette & Manipulator on Stilts

Melissa with Captain (Kevin) Kronik

Mel with Captain Kevin Kronik.

Fred with Amy Critchett of TCHO

Fred with TCHO chocolate maven and fellow Petaluman Amy Critchett.
P-town represent.

Joker Chicks

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Beer: Pics from Lagunitas Beer Circus 2010


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