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Watch: Hey, Pass Me A Beer II

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Friday: Literary Moustache Contest at Town Center Books


Whether fake or real. And whether you’ve only been growin’ for Movember or have a life-long habit, surely you can liken it to some literary figure from the past or present…

Come to the Literary Moustache Contest Friday Night @ 7 pm

Get info at the Town Center Books site. 21+ over. Directions here.

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Video: Real-life Moe’s Tavern with real-life Duff Beer

Well here’s a reason to go to Florida … Duff Beer on Tap (made by Florida Beer Company) and Flaming Moes at Universal Orlando Simpson’s Springfield!


May The Fourth Be With You

In 2012, a like-minded fan sent in a drawing of an IPA-D2 keg projecting a holographic Princess Leia,  and this year fans are sending in more:

Check out the May The 4th Gallery at Lagunitas »

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Epic List: May the 4th Be With You … Lagunitas, Rancho Obi-Wan, Churchkey SF, LEGO, and more
Stay on Target: Epic X-Wing Beard
The Bark Side: VW Canine Choir does Star Wars ‘Imperial March’
Fear The Jedi Beard: Pics from SF Giants Star Wars Day


Craft Beer Art: The Top 3 St. Patrick’s Day Craft Beerd Labels

Out of the 250+ pages of craft beer labels from the 100+ craft breweries in the CRAFT BEERDS book, there’s more Irish-ish / red-bearded labels than you can shake a shilialey at. These are a few favorites…

See more killer art by David Terrill. Visit Weston Brewing Company.


Visit Gray’s Brewing.


This has so much awesome I don’t even know where to begin. Visit Short’s Brewing here.

Buy your copy of CRAFT BEERDS here »




More Cowbell: Iron Maiden Beer is Coming

We’ll all be drinkin’ out of gold koozies when this stuff comes out…

This May, according to BeerPulse, thee Iron Maiden is releasing a branded beer called Trooper Ale.

Being a real ale enthusiast, vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true depth of character. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.

While I love the Eddie artwork, I’m partial to the Maiden-inspired beer in the CRAFT BEERDS book; 668 by New England Brewing Company

Video of the real Iron Maiden beer w/ Bruce Dickinson below…
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SF BEERd WEEK: Release Party for CRAFT BEERDS book at TAPS Petaluma Feb 7

Help us celebrate the release (finally) of the CRAFT BEERDS book and help us kick off SF BEERd WEEK:

TAPS Petaluma
(mmm…home of bacon-wrapped hot dogs)
7pm–? Feb 7th

Look for other events with 21st Amendment, Lagunitas and more here »

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Craft Beard-day: Grigori Rasputin

Today, January 22, is the day most agreed-upon as Grigori Rasputin‘s birthday. While he comes with all sorts of history—from being a mysterious Russian mystic to having a seriously dramatic death—he’s also featured in the CRAFT BEERDS book on one of my favorite Russion Imperial Stout labels, North Coast Old Rasputin. Plus, he’s the inspiration by one of my favorite beer-geek avatar on Twitter, @HomebrewChef.

A big cheers and Happy Birthday to you, Rasputin.

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Watch: Lagunitas’ Couch Goes 2000 Miles in 2 Mins

This came with an official-ish announcement on Facebook about Lagunitas‘ impending Chicago opening:

Chicago Update: Stuff’s happening. If all the stars align, our TapRoom may open in April … somewhere around the 20th? Stay tuned.”  See the rest »


Craft Fear: The Scariest Beer Label Ever is a Viking Texan

You so don’t wanna…

run into this bearded, leather-faced, tusk-toothed Texan viking in a dark bar.

Not without a nice snifter or tulip-shaped glass. It’s got juniper berries in it!  See the rest »


Face-Off: Recognize the ‘Guinness Black’ Guy?

Delicious Face-Off …

My only knowledge of Jack Huston is his Boardwalk Empire character’s war-torn face and compelling acting chops. The show makes you feel so much that you do forget he’s just a regular dude. Until you see him in the latest Guinness spot…

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Mind Your Gap: Crotch Watcher at Bucket of Blood Saloon

If you ever make it to Virginia City, NV (you really should ‘cuz it’s a freaking awesome gold-rush town) you need to hit up the Bucket of Blood Saloon. Just be mindful of who’s under your stool.

No idea who the wonky-eyed gentlemen is. I do know the bar’s been there since 1876 and they now have their own Bucket of Blood Beer brewed for them by See the rest »