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Advermentary: The Socrates of San Francisco, Howard Luck Gossage

Any SF ad nerd can tell you how important Howard Gossage was to the local ad scene and the industry at large. Probably they can even point to The Book of Gossage on their bookshelf. But documentarian/Director Ashley Pollak drops a few choice tibits that’ll make you realize just how important he was to the whole world…

Gossage had managed to save the Grand Canyon from being flooded for profit, helped establish Friends of the Earth, discovered Marshal McLuhan – an obscure Canadian academic who thought up the Internet – and inadvertently caused the military invasion of a small Caribbean island.”

This trailer—at seven minutes—is a MiniDoc in and of itself. Which only makes me more excited to see the full flick. And hearing that Gossage‘s daughter, Sarah, is the Executive Producer doesn’t hurt things either. (via SFE and AdRants)


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Neighbors: Mike Giant on How To Get Shit Done

Doesn’t matter if you’re in advertising, design, or freakin’ basket weaving. The most successful are usually the most self-disciplined. In short, the ones who “do it and get it done … no fuckin’ around.” Wise words.

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Trailer: “Beardo” The Movie

The trailer for Beardo The Movie features several shots of two-time Petaluma Whiskerino champion, Jack Passion. Including a water shot … What the hell?!

The movie follows several hairy hopefuls in the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championship.

More info at www.beardothemovie.com or get updates on Twitter.

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Ongoing: A Collection of Facial Hair Collections
Whiskerino: Jack Passion Does Regis, NYC

Art Doc: Stacy Peralta Interviews Mike Shine for “Raw Meat On The Doorstep”

What if you made a deal with the devil and he wiped it from your memory? When do you know he’s coming to collect?

Raw Meat on the Doorstep explores the thoughts and artwork of Mike Shine. Specifically, work featured in his Surf Shack installation. Interviews conducted by Stacy Peralta. Shot by Eddie Ringer and edited by all-star Pete Koob of Cleaver. (via FecalFace)

Pics: Opening Night of Mike Shine’s Art Shack
Trailer: Stacy Peralta’s Crips & Bloods