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Eat: The secret ice cream spot I cannot keep secret, Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream
My wife brought me this mysterious package and all I could say is, “Sweet fancy Moses”.

Now that I’ve swallowed … Humphry Slocombe opened just days before 2009, down off that stretch of 24th I like to think of as the Real Mission. Right by the forever-classic soda shoppe, St Francis Fountain.

When I heard of their Wonka-esque combinations like Pistachio Bacon or Hibiscus Beet, I had a combo of my own: Intrigue with a whisper of Repulsion. But then I tried some.

Two flavors: Salt N Peppa and Balsamic Caramel. Both rich, creamy, and dreamy. And I want more.

Rather then explain how palette-bendingly awesome these flavor combos are, I’ll refer to this clip from Ratatouille:

You don’t have to be adventurous to enjoy these flavors, just to get past your initial expectations.

Treat your tongue to Humphry Slocombe. You’ll see visions, too. Or at least taste them.

(Thanks for the tip, Mel & Miriam)

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