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Watch: Joaquin Phoenix’s Fantastic Forehead in Her

…even the one on the poster has a lil’ moustache:


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KYEO: Three Heads Six Arms in SF Civic Center
Beardo: Vintage Wax Mannequin Head Circa 1930
Extra Extra: Simpsons Newspaper Headlines in One Video
MP3: Radiohead, Caveman, Blackbird Blackbird, First Aid Kit (live), and The xx (Demo) :: Friday 01.06.12
Video/MP3: Homeless Mustard Sings Radiohead’s Creep, Has Great Beard


Tasty TV: Epic New Lurpak Spot

Great work (as always) from W+K.

Below is still my favorite Lurpak spot … if only for it’s catchy tune:

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Face-Off: Recognize the ‘Guinness Black’ Guy?
Beervertising: Carlton Draught Does Best Chase Scene Since Bullitt
Watch: Will Arnett as Kent Wesley, Internet Lawyer in AT&T Spots
Watch: New Meth Project TV Directed by Darren Aronofsky


Video Mashüp: Ravers Raving to Benny Hill

Proof of how funny this is? They used the Benny Hill tune and didn’t even have to speed it up.
I laughed so hard I spat out my glow-in-the-dark pacifier.


Video: Death Metal Roostër
Mashup: Bon Iver x Marvin Gaye “How Sweet Is Emma’s Love”
Is This Love: Bob Marley x Heavy Metal


Friday: Literary Moustache Contest at Town Center Books


Whether fake or real. And whether you’ve only been growin’ for Movember or have a life-long habit, surely you can liken it to some literary figure from the past or present…

Come to the Literary Moustache Contest Friday Night @ 7 pm

Get info at the Town Center Books site. 21+ over. Directions here.

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Drink This: Botanica Gin by Falcon Spirits

I’ve been so engulfed in the flood of inventive, new craft beers hittin’ shelves that I haven’t checked out what’s been going on in liquor with hand-crafted spirits. This local gin is a bold reminder:  there’s plenty of creativity happening on the other side of the craft aisle…


There’s so much going on in Botanica Spiritvs Gin. All in a good way. And all with no surprise… It’s hand-made from a guy who used to be a UC Berkeley Biochemist with a penchant for digging up old cocktail recipes and obscure bitters. He pushed boundaries while exploring different roles, like wine maker and bartender, before compiling all his learnings and settling as a Distiller.

You can taste both the craft and the science in Botanica Spirtvs, too (you just can’t taste the ‘n’.) Using predominantly Vapor infusion, his team at Falcon Spirits have managed to layer in complex herbs and fruits that play as well together on the nose as they mingle ‘n pay off on your palate. Pretty impressive.


Yup, that’s real hand numbering. Not just “craft-y” design. Their Still can only produce 300 bottles in each batch so they’re able to assure quality and attention to detail.


If you’re in the Bay Area you’ll find bottles of Botanica at Ledger’s Liquors in Berkeley or in SF at The Jug Shop and K&L Wine Merchants.

Or see what some of the finer mixologists are doing with Botanica at Slanted Door SF or À Côté in Oakland. Cheers!

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How To: Make a Bacon-Infused Old Fashioned
Just Bottled: Batch 05 of Firelit / Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur
Watch: Lagunitas’ Couch Goes 2000 Miles in 2 Mins
Don’t Miss: Inaugural Petaluma River Craft Beer Festival


Late For Meeting: Sequel to the Amazing “Going to the Store” is Here

Late for Meeting” This mannequin walks like a Robot Chicken character on meth. Drives like one, too. It’s another freakin’ fabulous vid by David Lewandowski, the man behind the TRON: LEGACY opening credits and some sweet Flying Lotus music vids.

Be sure to re-watch the original, “Going to the Store“:

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Vid: Hand Lettering Demo with a Master

Check out Glen Weisgerber flow some Roundhand like a champ…

[via Kottke]