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MP3: Dinosaur Feathers, Best Coast, Night Manager, Male Bonding, and The Chain Gang of 1974 :: Friday 06.17.11

This one time, on bandcamp …

This week I came across two killer bands thanks to the site bandcamp. And surprise, they’re from Brooklyn. The moddish Dinosaur Feathers and the super lo-fi, searing-with-potential Night Manager. Give ’em some love. Along with the rest of this week’s Friday Five. Enjoy thoroughly.

Dinosaur Feathers “Please, Please George” [follow]

Best Coast “Gone Again”
from Adult Swim Singles Program

Night Manager “Pizza Pasta”
from Pizza Pasta 7″ [follow]

Male Bonding “Bones”
from Endless Now [follow]

The Chain Gang of 1974 “Undercover”
from Wayward Fire [follow]

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Venture Bros: Action Figures and Season 4.5 Trailer

SERIES 1 – Peep the unboxing pics of first round Venture Bros. Mego action figures at the Venture Bros Blog. Dig the 70s stylings.

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SERIES 2 – The new figs of Dr. Girlfriend, Hank VentureDr. Orpheus, and Phantom Limb were unveiled at Comic-Con in all their glory. See the pics.

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[not loading? see it here]

You’ve waited long enough. At least, I have. The Venture Bros. return to Adult Swim Sunday, September 12 at 11:30p ET/PT.

We promise you old characters, new characters and maybe even dead characters. And genital formal wear!

Yes, genital formal wear. Cannot wait.

Mashup: Double Rainbow Connection by James Urbaniak
Fail: Vintage CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures
TR2N: New Tron Legacy Comic-Con Trailer and Daft Punk Soundtrack Release Date
MP3: Friday Five 07.09.10 feat. Cults on Adult Swim Singles Club

MP3: Friday Five 07.09.10 with Of Montreal, Modest Mouse Cover by Blackbird Blackbird, Kisses, Cults, and Fanfarlo Live

Was only in LA for one day this week. Here’s what I rocked out to the rest of the time. Enjoy.

of Montreal “Coquet Coquette” from False Priest

Blackbird Blackbird “Float On (Modest Mouse)”
from Summer Heart

Kisses “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things”
from People Can Do The Most Amazing Things 7″s pre-order

Cults “Oh My God” from Adult Swim Singles Project

Fanfarlo “Luna (live)”
from Live at Amoeba Hollywood 2.17.10 see video

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MP3: Friday Five 06.11.10 The Shins cover Squeeze, The Dodos live, Washed Out w/ Caroline Polachek, Wild Nothing, and Julian Lynch

Here’s what’s been swirlin’ round the Ümlaut this week. A lot on the chill side. Why? ‘Cuz I’m freakin’ exhausted. That’s why. Get some rest, folks.

The Shins “Goodbye Girl” (Squeeze) from Levis Pioneer Sessions 2010

The Dodos “Red and Purple – Eyelids” from Live from Akropolis, Prague

Wild Nothing “Chinatown” from Gemini

Washed Out “You and I” (feat. Caroline Polachek)
from Adult Swim Singles Project

Julian Lynch “Droplet on a Hot Stone” from Born 2 Run

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