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Design Fail: The Tequila Your Man Could Smell Like

Look up. It’s the tequila your man could smell like. Now look down. It’s two things your design reeks of. I’m on a donkey.

Saw the La Pinta tequila flyer at The Irish Bank (brilliant place to promote pomegranate infused tequila).

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Cinco De Mayo: Watch the Illegal Machete Trailer!

Remember the fake Machete trailer in Planet Terror? Well, now there’s a real one …

This is the “Illegal Machete Trailer” with a special Cinco De Mayo message from Danny Trejo.

While a lot stays true to the original-fake trailer, Robert Rodriguez has packed in even more badassery and an onslaught of familiar faces—from Robert De Niro to Lindsay Lohan to Don freakin’ Johnson. (via Ain’t It Cool News)


Nice black and white tribute to Danny Trejo by The Chumbeques. (Thanks, Mike!)

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