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Venture Bros: Original Storyboards from Season 3 on eBay

eBay how I love thee. You provide TRON Light Cyclesbearded mannequin heads, even original Warriors vests to the needy fortunate. And now, you offer up original storyboards from The Venture Bros. Season 3. It’s enough to make the Doc choke on his own excitement.

Bid on storyboards featuring Hank & Dean, the MonarchDoc Venture, and one with Billy, Brock, and Hunter.

Auctions too high? Try perusing the Venture Bros. Christmas Catalog.

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Venture Bros: Action Figures and Season 4.5 Trailer

SERIES 1 – Peep the unboxing pics of first round Venture Bros. Mego action figures at the Venture Bros Blog. Dig the 70s stylings.

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SERIES 2 – The new figs of Dr. Girlfriend, Hank VentureDr. Orpheus, and Phantom Limb were unveiled at Comic-Con in all their glory. See the pics.

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You’ve waited long enough. At least, I have. The Venture Bros. return to Adult Swim Sunday, September 12 at 11:30p ET/PT.

We promise you old characters, new characters and maybe even dead characters. And genital formal wear!

Yes, genital formal wear. Cannot wait.

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